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03 August 2008



this "here" page speller queen


Colleen -- Uh?? Speller queen - what does that mean??

Mel - Just very glad that it all arrived and thanks to the many UK based ladies and my dear friend Noeleen who helped me with this dream and who knows and understands how difficult it is - thanks Chooks ! I'm going to CPT for Xmas ... if you can help, pls contact me.

Mel - when you give these little gifts to Moms, plese remind them that we are MOTHERS first and foremost and we share the love of mothers the world over.

Hugs and kisses to all Mommies xxx

Bianca W

Those Brits! They ROCK! I lived there for 4 years, worked alongside them, and a million other South Africans, and not once, ever, did any Englishman give me a hard time about there being so many of us over there. They were so polite and accomodating.

My son was born there and I recieved such awsome care whilst in labour. They really are a lovely bunch. (pity about the weather though. ;-) )



Yaaaay! Glad you got it. The wool came from a lovely Kiwi food blogger here in London, Christina from The Thorngrove Table ( - she'll be thrilled to hear it will come in useful for BB. And I'm glad you liked the chocs - I thought YOU deserved a little parcel of care too, seeing as you are always giving to others :) You rock.


oh how awesome! i hope we're going to see photies??!?

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