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Mom of 3 kids running an awesome charity!


I am 38 years old and have one gorgeous husband Gary, 3 kids, 1 rat and 2 cats. Gary hates the cats, the kids love the cats, the cats stay. I now also have a puppy called Zara who poos and wees in my house and chews everything but somehow, has completely stolen my heart anyway.
My oldest is Daniel who is 12. He is chilled, funny and very affectionate. He has ADD which makes like pretty interesting. One day he will be a major entrepreneur and make some serious money. He will buy me my dream beach house.
My middle child is Rebeka who is 6. She is beautiful, intense, creative and sensitive. I see Jesus in her every day
Sofia aka Fifi is my 'baby' and is 4. Fifi is super cute, super sharp and fun. She used to be a naughty little sh*t at times but has morphed into a wonderful little girl.
I am not a big animal lover, I am a huge people lover. Actually, I might just be moving over to the other side based on how much I love my silly dog.
I especially have a heart for South African women and newborns. A huge warm & fuzzy section!
I suck at gardening, admin and anything to do with this computer. But, I am clearly learning!
I am a pretty good mother, daughter, sister and friend. Well I try to be!
I am a committed Christian aka Happy Clapper, Lordy type. I "do church" 7 days a week. I try and live it every day and when I get it wrong, (often!) I know God's grace is sufficient.
I run Bosom Buddies which has been going for over 3 years.
It is rewarding, frustrating, heart breaking, brilliant and I am privileged to be doing this.
I will tell you more about what we do in another section. Just have to find it first!


reading, blogging, travelling, surfing, going to the beach, growing in my faith, hanging with my family.