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19 July 2007



Mel, I am sending you an email about putting some info together. Have been wondering what I could do to help so would really appreciate the opportunity.


What gestation was that poor little peanut born at? He is so tiny. My 11 month old son was born 2 months early and weighed 4lbs. I am currently pregnant(24 weeks)and at high risk for another early baby..


There's a lot of hope for those little mites. My son was born 9 weeks early and weighed 1.5 kgs. He's now a strapping big 65 kg 14 year old.

The best advise I can give is to have as much skin to skin contact and talk to the baby as much as possible. Every time I held his hand and spoke to him, his blood oxygen levels would rise right before our eyes. I tried the pumping for weeks but was never successful and eventually went the soya formula route which gave me years of guilt. I've since got over that now that he's as good as (if not beeter) than a lot of his peers at both sport and academics. He did have ADD in prep school which caused me a lot of anxiety with his schooling, but since he's been in high school he's a different child (almost man).

You're doing wonderful work - keep it up.


wow mel... that little tyke is minute... i wouldn't know what to do with such a tiny baby!
you are all truly doing marvellous work mel- you're in my prayers!


Hi Mel,
I'm not sure if this is helpful, but do you know a scrapbooking group? Or some keen scrappers that want to get together regularly.
My good friend lost one of her premmie twins, and she started a group of us making small albums for parents to put pictures and momentos of their little ones who have died. We have one page for details - date of birth, weight, hair colour etc - a page for a little footprint and maybe a lock of hair and a few pages for pictures. My friend writes something sweet in each one and we give them to the hopsital to use. They are just little albums - we make them with cardboard, and we all contribute paper from our 'stash'. I don't actually scrap much, but my friend is very creative and she has designed the books so that we can all just copy-cat.
My friend was given some photos of her daughter taken by the hopital in a re-used envelope, and she found that upsetting.They are such precious pictures.
I'm guessing as I write this that your hopital might not take pictures, so maybe it's not helpful after all.
I'm praying for all of you who work at Bosum Buddies. It's awesome to be God's hands.

Sue at nobaddays

Hi Mel - do you have someone to do the writing/editing for the preemie and stillbirth booklets?

I'm a professional writer by trade and have been thinking about ways to help ever since I blogged about BB:

I can write, edit and desktop publish the booklets for you if you provide the basic content (I know nothing about caring for preemie babies or having still births).

Since I'm on the other side of the world (!), I can just send you PDF files. All you'd need to do is print and photocopy them. Or find someone else do it ;-)

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