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29 March 2008



Everyone has a different cause that is closer to their heart for their own reasons, but I find it hard to understand how anyone would make the statement that helping another being (human or animal, under privileged or not) would be a waste of time.

What you do makes such huge difference to so many young women and their children/family. You are an amazing woman and don't let anyone else tell you different *smooch*

Shannon (not the mean one)

Recent de-lurker - have only posted two comments so far and that last mean one was definitely not from me! Just clarifying...


You'll quickly learn Melly, like bicycles, God and bathing, pets (and especially dogs) are another thing that people get hetup about. Even if you aren't particularly fond of crotch sniffers, you must never admit to it on your blog. The Dog Police will find you and report you.


LOL to Tertia and a sigh...because she's right. Someone's always going to have a problem. You have to do what you do anyway. And what you do is *very* important. Keep it up sister, you are working for something greater than this commenter's opinion.

Also, congrats! Your first troll! You've hit the bigtime!


Hi Mel. Toss it out. It is not important. Each one is entitled to their veiw point Keep up the good work you do at the hospitals - you reward one day is in heaven not here on earth. Whatever you hands find to do, do it with all your might. I agree with the person above, you are working for something greater. Have a good weekend. :-)

Sue at eLp

How can spending time at a hospital with underage mothers be a waste of time? Floored me! How perfectly troll-ish!

Kelli Hansen

Great response. I read her comment last night, and could not believe someone would say such a thing. Although I am in the exact same boat as you in the way I feel about dogs.I don't hate them, I actually quite like them. I just don't particularly want one in my house. :)

You wrote a very well written response, though. I'm sure nicer than I would have.


Darling BF

Many thanks for looking after my upholstered lizard
She looks happy and well taken care of
Will drop your pressie this week
Lots of love
P.S I wont impose my stinky mutt on you again, next time she is going to stay with my folks in Port Alfred


Am still gob-smacked by Shannon's comment!( see my response to her in previous post)


it's good that people have different passions - mel you have acted so powerfully on your passion and have made such a difference and impacted so many lives with your compassion, vision and obedience.

if everyone had the same passion, so many sectors would go ignored. so i applaud differences, and how by acting for our passions, we can achieve change - whether it be donating blood, marching in the march of times for prematurity, or something larger like you have done, mel.

but what ever happened to tolerance? keep doing what you do, mel - serving an area of humanity that needs compassion, teaching, resources, time and love. you are a servant, the hands and feet of Christ.

xo tess


Sorry - butting in here after reading your contrasting south africa post. The way you described the "mother with dead eyes - to match her dead babies eyes" after her baby was still born really struck me.
My friend had her full-term baby die at birth. She made casts of her babies hands and feet and took some beautiful photographs. A permanent momento of her angel, and some treasured posessions to keep forever. I was wondering whether you could offer this to your mothers who lose their precious babies. At least then they will have something to take home with them. I am prepared to donate a camera to use and material to make hand and foot casts. Please tell me how I can do this? I live in the UK
Thank you


wonderful "come back" mel, for lack of a better description.
to each his own indeed.


different strokes for different folks - she said it... but then don't point fingers at what the difference is. It's not right or wrong - just different.

Why can't we all just respect each other, agree to disagree and be at peace with each other and the choices that life offers us?


My first visit and I'm compelled to comment! ;o)
I do a lot of work with animals. There is a woman who drops cats off at my house and recently we got into a conversation about helping animals vs helping people. We both think that helping people is probably more important then helping animals, and yet the hands-on work we are doing is for animals and not people. I wonder if it's something to do with the fact that helping people seems much more scary/complicated -- you can help too much and delay their ability to care for themselves, you can help too little or not quite right and they can lose faith, they can end up resenting or worshipping you, you can end up resenting them, you can think you're helping by giving little tidbits about [helmets! lol] but actually that's not helping, that's alienating . . . etc, etc
Whereas with animals you feed them and love them and find them a home and Boom! You're a success! You've made a tangible difference and you move on to the next dog/cat/rabbit.
So yeah, my heart & mind choose the people tin, but my hands are going to the animal tin, lol. And I hope my mouth is going towards saying: "You there! Put some money in a tin -- which ever tin suits you, just help already!" ;o)

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