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04 May 2008



Hi Mel
Since moving back from Phuket petrol has gone up 3 times and it is going up again this week. Food prices are exhorbitant. Everything is expensive and I can only imagine how poorer communities have to cope. It must be so difficult and stressful for them. I still have a few items for BB which I brought back from Phuket. So whenever you get a chance you can collect it?

Take care
Dom x


by being willing you are leaving yourself open for the answers to come to you. God doesn't ask you to know the answers, He only asks you to be faithful. and you are.

and we love & admire you for it. xo tess

Sue at eLuckypacket

Not too harsh at all. Spot on in fact.


Social justice is all our responsibility, good for you for speaking your truth. I'm proud to read your blog and you have a great moral compass.

Maybe you can tell us in Canada where to send a donation for baby stuff ..even if we send it as freight at least it will get to you( at some point!)



Too harsh? No. For some, a cold dose of reality is what's needed. You're completely right in your analysis; these are men who instead of turning to crime, are doing their best to support their families on the meager income that hawking brings. It's not a great solution but it beats the heck out of crime.

I understand your frustration over BB's constantly depleted stores. Sarge and I lived like that for a while, money coming in at the last minute when the need was truly desparate. I'll have to tell you the whole story someday.

In the mean time, if you aren't familiar with him already, read up on George Mueller. During the Industrial Revolution, he decided that children were being treated abominably, especially orphans. Often the kids would commit crimes just to spend the night in jail and out of the elements. So he started taking in orphans and he fed them on prayer. He went to bed at night with an empty pantry and prayed for bread. Each morning some concerned baker or citizen would show up with enough bread and milk to feed the children. He did this every night for 62 years! He refused to fundraise but simply prayed and because of that wound up building three huge buildings housing over 10,000 orphans. Ashely Downs, the original site, still stands in England today as a museum and college. There's much more to the story than that but I thought you might be encouraged to know that you aren't alone with your day-to-day reliance on God. Mueller did it for 62 years. You are doing a great job, Mel. I know God will keep supplying you. You don't need to worry. You have all the abundance in the world, it's just not at your present location right this moment.

Anna in IL

I take a bit of the blame for the boy/girl clothing imbalance. Somehow I can only find girl clothes when I'm clearance shopping! I don't know if having a boy blinds me to the tiny blue clothes, but every time I get to the register, I realize that I'm loaded up with little pink outfits again!

I hope that you are successful in finding reliable volunteers and suppliers. I know that it is hard to keep the project going, and frustrating when people don't fulfill their commitments. I am proud of you for your strength and determination, and I know that God is too.


I know it's so much harder to continue trusting than it is for me to just speak it, but that's where you're at. Flicka's mention of George Mueller is right on. He is a perfect example of exactly what you're going through. I'm sure it's horribly frustrating at times, though. I will say, though, that I greatly admire you for what you do with BB. Even if it feels that you're not doing enough. Times are hard for many right now...

I should add that I think (hopefully) I am going to be able to rally together a good amount of baby clothes to send to Karla, and can't wait to be able to help you out. I'm so happy to know that someone is fullfilling this need in SA. Keep on!


i don't think its too harsh at all mel. i hear exactly where you're coming from.

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