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24 May 2008



Wow, I can't even imagine. I haven't heard anything about this until you're post. We'll be praying! Wish there was something we could do to help!


How can I help? I've been reading about this and am just so very sad.

Seriously if there are ways I can help please let me know.


You are so good to put yourself out and in harms way. Please be careful. We are getting very little news coverage of this in the United States. I am not sure why.


I was totally unaware until I read your blog this morning. May God's strength see you through this, may His mercy be with all of these people. In Jesus' name I pray.


Oh my goodness, Mel! I am praying for you and your church as you serve and most esepcially for all those separated, hurt and destroyed by this violence. How frighteningly awful. Please be careful. Let us know what we can do from here, if anything. In the mean time I am praying and praying and praying. God is with you, brave Piglet.


I'm with some of the others and have heard nothing about this till reading your blog. I'm really having a hard time grasping what they are doing. It sounds just horrible tho. Are you scared at all?


it is frightening and heartbreaking.
good on you for being so pro-active!


we have heard reports that they are attacking and looting and burning the shops owned by chinese shopowners too now...these people dont deserve to be treaded so inhumanly but i cant help but think there is some kind of political undercurrent here!!
You are so kind to be helping in such a real way!! Most peopel would rather turn a blind eye or look the other way.

Bianca W

Oh Mel - you just made me feel so inadequate! I am in KZN and so far, things here are still calm. (Jeeze, I hope it stays that way).

I have no idea what started all of this, but it is just devistating. I DO NOT understand it at all - and like you am asking "where did it come from?".

I am praying that is stops as quickly as it started, and that those poor poor people that have alread fled a country that turned its back on them, will be able to re-build their lives. My heart just BREAKS for them.

Well done on getting involved - you are amazing.
God Bless.


I am aghast at what's been going on. And kudos to you for getting out there and helping (not that I thought you wouldn't!). There is so much talking going on about what can we do, what can we do, but very little DOING. A friend of mine is a city councillor in Joburg and she has also been working tirelessly with the Methodist church up there (amongst others) to try and get relief to the displaced people. To give you an idea - Jeppe police station is currently makeshift home to 150 babies - you can imagine what a nightmare that is.

If anybody reading this is in Joburg and wants to donate items, food or money, here are the details:

"Our list of needs (in no particular order) with the ongoing need for food and blankets:
Nappies, rubbish bags, Oros for the kids, any first aid items (large surgical gloves), medicines like Panado syrup and Immodium etc, toys, sanitary towels, soap and face cloths, tooth brushes and toothpaste, pilchards and eggs, margarine/butter, Purity baby food, baby bottles, baby formula, disinfectant, washing up liquid!

Linden CPF have agreed that residents in the area can drop off donations to the Trauma Centre at the station in Boundary Road, Linden OR Randburg Methodist Church at the corner of Bram Fischer Drive and Grove in Blairgowrie OR
Blairgowrie Residents Against Crime at 5 Jean Road, Blairgowrie OR
Rosebank Union Church at St Andrews and William Nicol Drive, Sandton OR
Bedfordview Methodist in Van Buuren Road, Bedfordview OR
Also Methodist Church in Primrose

Randburg Methodist Church
Standard Bank Randburg
A/C: 021649995
Branch Code: 01800590


My hubby has 7 malawian men working for him and belive me they live in fear in the informal settlement...

They have asked as to store all their belongings. They told us that if they get attacked they will not want to run for their lives if their belongings are in the house, so if they have no belongings there they can just run if they come under attack!

They told us they sleep in the clothes with there shoes on just incase they get attacked at night! Imagine living in such fear!!!

I wish there was something more that we could do for them... I do not know of a shelter for the foreginers in our town and our house is to small to take all 7 people in...

O how i pray this ends soon


How totally awful.

Praying for those under attack.

God bless you and your church for helping!!!!

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