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24 July 2008



LOVE Rebekas room!! its so girly! did i mention i love it, :)))

Bianca W

I also LOVE Rebeka's room. It is so beautifuly done, not over the top, just pretty and tasteful. I would never be able to do that. :-(


that's beautiful! every girls dream :)

jacki janse van rensburg

ok, i like the girly thing. comfort is important, but i think one can have both. i think you win here!

Sue at eLuckypacket

It's stunning Mel! Lucky girl!


AH that is such a pretty room !!!


Mel, I LOVE those clean lines. I always think most of children's rooms are overstuffed.
This was my answer to Tertia's post. Thought I should share it with you: "I am with your sister here... Comfort and functionality are good values but they are not opposites of beautiful, which is also something to be appreciated. It does not need to be "girly" or even feminine to be pretty. I mean pretty in the sense of harmony, color, gratification to the senses. I enjoy a beautiful space as much as I enjoy all beautiful things in life: a work of art, a good book, a song, a tropical beach or the eyes of a puppy. Achieving a good composition with color and furniture takes time and effort but I think it is worth it. If you do not like it, why don’t you let your sister design the room? She seems to enjoy it…"


Great posts from you and Tertia!

Now you know what to get Katie and Adam for their next birthday (oh and Christmas!) - co-rdinating duvet covers and pillow cases (perhaps throw in some matching curtain! Or even a make-over - just don't spill the paint this time.


Oh I would have PLATZED for that room when I was 12 or so. All I wanted was pink deep pile carpets and a 4-poster!!




I wish my children would keep their rooms this neat! I always tell them that if we were burgled, the burglar would leave thinking that someone had beat him to it!


oh its so beautiful mel.
i'm afraid i'm a little like tertia in that damien never really had anything matching- not for lack of wanting it but lack of funds, lol! since he was born when i was 17 he had to share my room and he didn't have a nursery as such...
then when he was older and some things did actually match, he set fire to his curtains and ruined it all!

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