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31 August 2008



thanks for the post
good job admin


thank you for sharing this. I have been struggling betwwen desperately wanting to do something about the parts of my body I just can't fix by working out, and feeling like I would be going against God/setting a bad example for my kids. I am sure I will continue to struggle with the decision, but i really appreciate knowing that there are people who realize that wanting my body to be better is not all about vanity and selfishness.


Sjoe - I hear you on this one. An dead keen on a boob job after breast feeding 3 wee ones. Am a local...just wondering if you used the same guy T did? Am so scared of making the wrong choice surgeon wise....


I suppose it shouldn't matter what others do to their bodies. But, I can totally see both sides of the spectrum. When I read your and Tertia's blogs, I don't really care what you do to your bodies. It isn't really effecting me in my life in any way. However, were I to see you on a daily basis, I would probably begin to feel self conscious about my own looks. I definitely hate the way society portrays women, the pressures put upon them in this day and age, and wish that things were different. And if I were around a woman my age with children but fake, perky boobs, I'd probably over analyze my own. (Which, naturally, are not so perky! :))

But (of course there's a but!) I will say that since I am someone who likes to do things rather naturally, my choices aren't based upon what others do but upon the many reasons for being the way I am. People with fake body parts may cause me to feel differently about myself, but isn't that part of life? If I'm choosing not to dye my hair/fix my boobs/nose/face/etc. than I probably have a reason for it, and those reasons shouldn't change because someone else decides to make a different decision than I.

As for being a Christian and having plastic surgery/botox/etc., well, I don't have a clue what (if any) would be a Biblical view on the matter. I suppose, like anything else in life, it's a personal matter. Maybe it's fine for one person, but not for another. God has different plans for each of us, and it's not really my place to judge what others' feel is okay in their personal life.


i could not agree more. i am going for tattoo number 5 on saturday afternoon and i can't wait. and i fully intend to have a boob lift and a tummy tuck- AT LEAST- one day when i have finished paying school fees and such.


I wouldn't have any sort of invasive cosmetic procedure, but that's because I am absolutely terrified!! Unless my life is actually at risk there is nothing that would persuade me onto the operating table. And frankly, some of the people administering Botox, I wouldn't trust to control a shopping trolley. So on the basis of fear, it's a no from me. I have no problem with other people doing it and have quite a few friends who have had various stuff done.

Here in the UK there is an absolute epidemic of cosmetic surgery, and what does make me sad is the number of people who look perfectly normal and healthy, but in their minds they are disfigured and quite convinced that surgery will make them happier. Maybe yes, but most likely no - and there is the risk that the surgery will make things worse for them. There was a horribly fascinating program the other night on TV about designer vajayjays. All these people were going on about how GHASTLY theirs looked, and how they could not live without the surgery, but then when you saw a latex cast, they just looked normal!

Slightly off-topic, can I just say that this new movement not to dye your hair and "embrace your greyness" leaves me cold. Ja, maybe I should be celebrating this outward sign of my "wisdom and experience" (hahahahahah!), but I'm sorry, you live in society, not a vacuum, and society has certain ideas about grey-haired ladies. Mostly bad ideas. Also, my husband didn't sign up to have a prematurely grey-haired wife, and I reckon I do owe him a duty to maintain some semblance of the woman he married.

So however shallow it makes me, I'm married to my Redken!!

Mrs. California

Okay girlie, you asked for it. Let's be honest. The "girls" aren't sunny side up. I hear you can't lift them without adding to them and in my eyes, that would just make my 5'3" frame look fatter. If I could have them look sunny side up I just might. From my view (on the downside of 40), I wish, wish wish I didn't have the fear or lack of financial resources for botox. Goodness knows I put my kids's education first or I'd be all sucked and tucked!. I simply couldn't keep up with the upkeep. I barely remember to shave and pick the kids up from soccer practice! My luck, I would get the Mad Cow bovine injection which would leave me brain dead and still with a crevis in my forehead. Or maybe I'd be brain dead with no cracks, which would work for me for about a week. Then I'd be searching again. Heck, I don't even qualify for bangs. I have a cowlick right where my wrinkles show, so that won't work!!! Age gracefully? I think not. I'll fight it all the way with useless situps and over the counter microdermabrasion products! No judgement here. I know God loves me and wants me to be the best I can be. Fight Fight Fight!

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