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12 February 2009



You're pretty hard on yourself, and I don't think it's necessary in this case.
You're right about the loads of different reasons behind home schooling, (I believe that usually those kids are more academically advanced than their peers, for what it's worth...) Although my kids go (and will go) to school.
Take care Mel- you've got a lot going on....self care too grrrrrrl.


I don't think you need apologize. I found your tone was very reasonable, not offensive at all.


I appreciate your apology. Homeschoolers fight an uphill battle to be accepted in any arena as just normal, let alone being praised for what we do. I have friends (really good ones too!) tell me to my face that obviously I am this way or that way (always something negative) because of having been homeschooled. It usually has NOTHING to do with that at all, and I wonder how they would feel if I stereotyped them over something about their upbringing that they were really proud of. It is really hurtful to perpetuate the stereotypes without taking the time to actually hear the truth. Thank you for encouraging responses from those of us who disagree with you.

Jerri Ann

I linked to your post ....on my Mom is Teaching Blog. I have yet to get to responding to the comments but I am one who thought very much like you until I got knee deep in poop when I took over this blog that had formerly been authored by a homeschooling parent....they thought I was the devil because I am a former public school teacher and I had true misconceptions about my position now is.....homeschoolers have their place in our society, but I simply want homeschoolers to admit that public school has its place as well.....and in my opinion, more public education proponents are willing to give kudos to the homeschoolers than vice versa....

Here's the read from the link

Bianca W

Hey Mel - I started commenting yesterday, but deleted it half way through, becuase I just could not find the right words and tone that I wanted to use.

I have to admit that I also thought (along with you) that your tone was pretty harsh, but I respect that it is your blog, so I just took the high road.

I know very little about homeschooling, I do not know anyone that has been home schooled, or who is homeschooling their kids, however, I dont think that I would feel as strongly about it as you seemed to.

Anway - well done for admiting you may have sounded harsh. That is gutsy.


Apart from one person, your commenters were all very adult and very informative. Read your comments. Ignore the one out of, um 22?, that was defensive.



Oh, a good discussion is always fun as long as everyone is respectful to each other. I emailed my comment to you as I could not post it. I had so many of those same sentiments before I started homeschooling. I think I understand where you are coming from.

Luke Holzmann

I hope my tone came across as I intended: Presenting the homeschooling side well and without too much "defensiveness" while I defended it [smile].


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