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15 February 2009



Mel - enough already with the flagellation re home schooling - did you count the number of pro/con responses? And those that know you, KNOW that the whole judgmentaly thing isn't going down here. X


about the hs thing -- you've apologised, and you have been forgiven BY HIM (and i would imagine by the people you offended). accept the forgiveness. we know your heart.

next time sister nina is going home can i send over a shedload of BB stuff with her?

Me Mel

You are right, I will stop now. I did get some pretty hectic e-mails as well hence the grovel.
Stopping, stopped!

Anna in IL

Do you have a list somewhere of the misc. stuff that you can use? Like bottles or formula samples or pre-natal vitamins? I got a sack full of vitamin samples from my OB that I won't use, but I don't want anyone to get hassled in customs for me sending them!


I sent a butt-load of onesies last year - was that the right type of thing? I don't want to send the wrong stuff! love you!

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