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10 February 2009



Mmmm, Wenty. I love me some Prison Break. Can't stand Gray's, I'm afraid. I used to watch it but got sick of the whole Meredith/Derek thing, not to mention Izzie who makes me so furious I want to smack her. Was there ever such a collection of stupid people?

Ahem, sorry. Enjoy your night! There is no way Wenty is gay! I'm lalalalaing right along with you; this is the first I've heard of it and I'm closing my ears right now!


Bianca W

SO OVER Prison Break, but still LOVE Greys.

Flicka - sadly, you do make a point. :-)

Bianca W

Grays! I mean Grays!!


Wenty's tats? OMG, so cannot be gay - right with you with the lalala fingers in the ears. But CAN still do Greys - for now. Getting a bit OTT. Am taping everything at the mo cos for a almost stay-at-home mum and painter-in-the-making, I HAVE NO TIME. Mum wants to meet you - let me know when, okay? xx


i am so enjoying greys... but i'm behind so i am going to have to try and play catch-up some time!

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