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14 July 2009



Fabulous news. I am so glad to hear this!


What fantastic news. Can't wait till he gets behind his laptop and starts sharing HIS side of the story. :-)

Welcome home Pops - you are amazing.



Super! Now let's keep it uneventful on the health side of things - nice and normal.


Great news!!

Jo Swart

Hi Mel
It's great to be able to get the news via your blog. Your strength of heart in of of this is so encouraging to others. And your unwavering faith in God too. It is hard, but the only thing we are promised is the now and to live it to the full (in God obviously... for those non clappers...out there).
I alway's wonder why some peole seem to have so much more to cope with then others, then I realise that there load is all that they know and that even if they had less to cope with it would still be huge to them so to speak. And another thing is why when "your plate is full" more get's heaped on!? But that is the way it seems to "roll" in life.
Take care, we are all still holding you up in love and prayer. Trusting God provided all the encouragement and support you need along the way...lot's of those "no way" moments where you just know that he is right there "winking" at you in love.


Am so happy that Pops is home. Will continue to pray.
I think that the memories thing is quite normal. It could possibly mean that you haven't dealt with it yet. My sister (age 25) had a stroke in January. She has made a full recovery (truly by the grace of God and lots and lots of prayer)and has recently been able to go back to work. Our family was shattered and up till today we cannot speak about it, about the ugliness of it all because it was so very painful. We have tried but it just reduces us all to tears and takes us back to our feelings of despair and anger at the time. When I read your mail on Friday I burst into tears. I was emotional all weekend thinking about your dad and also my sister and that heartbreaking, difficult time that my family went through. I think that the memories are all a means of healing taking place.


A quote that rings true in my ears:
"God loves you because of who God is, not because of anything you did or didn't do."

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