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10 July 2009



Lots of people are thinking about you and sending good wishes your way. Be strong.


OH MY SHATTERED NERVES!!! Praying for you all, may you find strength to get through this difficult time. xxx


Oh, my darling Mel. I am so sorry you and your family are going through this. Know that I am praying hard for Dad's full recovery, and I am sending good thoughts to your whole family.

Love, Laura


Special one, we can't know the how's or why's of God's will. We can only KNOW that He is good and just and loving. I can't imagine losing one of my parents - but D has lost both in the time we've been together, and all I can say is that I KNOW God steps in and bears us up. Don't think about the 'what if's' - He will give us Grace to face whatever when we need to. I don't believe that it's Pop's time, so will stay on my knees, but if things go differently, God WILL sustain you. Big hug Surfer-chick, Love you. x


this is a beautiful post. we are upholding your father and family in our prayers.

the gift of grace is incomprehensible, but what is amazing is when people actually take it, like you are doing right now, and every day. keep on lovey, you, your dad and family are moses, let us be your aaron and hur.

xo tess


keeping your dad in my prayers. And praying for strength for you Tertia and Mimi and family x


Prayers for you and your family.

Kathy B.

Hi -- (I come to you via Tertia's blog)

My prayers are with you and your family at this time. God in his glorious mercy will take care of you no matter the outcome. As difficult as it is to think of now, God has a grand plan and it is not always for us to know how, when or why. I pray that it is God's will for your Pops to have a full recovery and return to you and your family.

Be strong in your faith that you may be strong for others (especially those who do not believe.)


Mel - stay strong in your faith. Tell Pops to get well soon, from all us cyber chicks.



Hi Mel
Glad you have updated re Dads condition,have been very worried.Will keep him in our prayers for a full recovery,strength to all in these trying days


Oh Mel! This is heartbreaking because I have the same fears about losing a parent. AND, I'm an only child so I won't have anyone to share those memories of "remember when Mom did..." or "remember when Dad said..." It consumes a lot of my thoughts as I get older (because they are also getting older) and as my Mom always tells me, it is not the natural order of things that a parent buries a child. It should always be that the child buries the parent... It's suppose to be one of our life lessons, but hey - I'm not skipping off to that class in a hurry. So I totally identify with your fears and reactions. As with all your other readers, friends and family, I am thinking of you guys and praying that Pops will make a speedy and complete recovery! I've enjoyed reading his snappy comments on Tertia's blog.


Oh Mel - I am so sorry that. Please keep us updated and I will continue to keep you in my thoughs and prayers.

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