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09 July 2009



Okay, this has to be the CUTEST picture ever. Please Lord let Zara be diagnosed as 'normal' and let her grow up to be a well adjusted, gentle and loving family pet. xx


I've also got a rottie, whom we got when my oldest was only 1 1/2yrs old. I was told (by a trainer), to fill a spray bottle with water, add a few drops of citronella oil & as soon as he does something wrong (snaps, growls, bites) say No very firmly & spray directly into his face. I felt bad so I didn't do it to often, my sister-in-law has my rottie's sister & she did it religiously, now she can actually walk up to her dog while its eating & take a bone out of her mouth, but let a stranger walk onto her property & her rottie will protect everyone in her house. Good Luck, hope Zara gets to stay.


Love the pic. And I have heard of more than one person doing the water in a spray bottle thing. Apparently it works like a bomb.

How's your Pops?


Hi Mel

Most awsome pic ever!!!
I know that dogs (and I assume puppies too) can smell out your fear and the fact you are hesitating, so she might pick up on that and use it to her advantage.
Sometimes its "mind over matter", dont panic and get a fright, she is a dog (dogs nip and bite) be stern and dont focus on the fact that she might be aggresive in your head, you are after all bigger then her and can defend yourself so dont let her intimitate (spelling?) you.
Also heard that a dog needs to have an alpha male to keep them in line, an alpha male can be a person, male or female, play with her and overpower her on occasions (as in playfully hold her down) so she knows she is not the one in control.
You have a wonderful family home so I am hoping that she will benefit from that.
Let us know what the rottie specialist says.

Well Done on all your good work and holding thumbs that your dad is doing well.


Rotties are great, but you have to ensure they know, early on, just who is the Alpha Bitch (person in charge).

that means you have to give CONSTANT love and correction.

even now. she doesn't get to just jump in the tub. she can only jump in when she is given permission. that means you take her out, firmly, say no, put her in sit position and tell her wait.

You will have wet walls, floors, body, etc., but you MUST ensure she remains in position, even if you have to hold her, until you tell her something like "ok", 'yes", whatever, a release word that lets her know that she is allowed to get in.

this is constant in her life for now and evermore.

She sits while you are getting her food ready, and she stays until you say she may eat. She sits at the door when she is coming in and out and may only enter when YOU allow her to.


i have a year old male i got when he was three months old. He is now entering his teenage stage where he tests all his boundaries. he's a joy, a delight and a LOT of work.

but he knows who is boss (ME) and he keeps me in sight at all times. great protection, no one knows he's my big baby, they just see ROTTIE and maintain distance.

that was the point.

alpha male

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