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17 January 2010



Protein snacks: Cashews, humus (she could dip her carrots in it), if she doesn't like peanut butter there is almond butter (might need to go to a health store for that) and you can always start sneaking wheat germ into her food. Very easy.

Rene Finlay

Hi Mel,

Does she possibly eat liquorice? It is a fatal source of attack for me. Many people become addicted to it but it is also especially bad for diabetics.

Watermelon and spanspec are also kickstarters to a headache or migraine.

Preservatives in juices especially red and green. Caffeine too. Not to mention chocolate!

Rooibos tea on a daily basis is great and Tab as a treat when the others are drinking cooldrink.

Good luck!

For me, my muscles in my neck going taught and therefore not enough blood flowing to the brain causes my migraines too.

Rene Finlay

Oops, forgot to mention that liquorice also lowers your potassium levels which triggers attacks.

I always wore photochromic lenses at school which cut out the glare and therefore did not have eye strain and in turn didn't get as many headaches!!

Today I don't go out into the sun without sunglasses on and it definately helps me.


for low GI and GL receipes.

Also any cook book by Ian Marber aka The Food Doctor and Patrick Holford's cookbooks.

If you can make her a milkshake using 100% whey protein with no flavouring or colouring or artificial crap and then mix with agave nector for sweetness (low GI) and then vanilla essence (not flavouring) and some berries etc. Would be a good source of protein. I make it with nut milk or water not dairy milk. I bought a great protein from a health shop in Pinelands shopping centre. otherwise have to ask at Dischem or such and look for one with the least amount of crap in it. I have a great one called On 100% Any Whey Protein by Optimum Nutrition

You can even bake with and add to normal things like soups and cereal etc.



Without going into labeling foods based on the glycemic index, I think fruit is the best way to keep a child's sugar under control but to avoid a rush. We are not talking about someone with diabetes here, so just use common sense. Bananas, oranges, apples, watermelon any fruit she likes will do...Fruit and lots water to stay well hydrated. If my sugar is very low in the morning and I feel a headache is already on its way, I actually need a little bit more than that and I may put some honey on the fruit. And water, tons of water. Yoghurt is a good snack, although it needs refrigeration.
I see you got many advice for nuts. However, nuts, together with chocolate, are on the list of things to avoid when you suffer from migraines, because they can trigger the attacks. Note that I said avoid, not completely eliminate. In fact, these foods are not the main cause. Unless you have an allergy, completely eliminating food groups is unnecessary. In other words, Mel, I would not freak out and put her on a regimen that's too strict (i.e., I would let her have a cake at a friend's birthday party). Since you mentioned the trampoline, I should mention that I may in some instances get headaches when my head gets too warm too, i.e., a sort of mini sun-stroke, usually combined with dehydration. I live in California now, and when I feel my head is hot and I don't have a hat, I just get my hair wet, and no problem.


I do hope that with everything you're trying you find answers quickly.

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Nursing tops

just want to clarify with Rene Finlay, is it true that liquorice can lower your potassium level that can cause hypokalemia or not that low? thanks in advance.


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