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13 January 2010



I also get all itchy- but not on my arms...


First day was cr*p... Boys went to school just fine, they loved it. Unfortunately Cheyenne ended up in hospital yesterday & she's missed her first day of grade 1. All she wants to do is go to school, she doesn't want to be the last one to do everything. Unfortunately your boyfriend (Dr White) wants her to stay on a drip. Very heart breaking for my sweet little girl, I'm trying not to be bitter & just be greatful for getting her there, but for pete's sake, had it happened to any of my other kids, they wouldn't have cared, she does. Hoping her first day, whenever that is, will be just as special.

Pablo (yo)

Great blog!!!
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Pablo from Argentina

Michele George

It's actually exercised-induced hives ... right basically an allergy to exercise! I get it too. You can take an antihistamine before you exercise if you want to avoid it.


its apparently caused by blood flow through to those parts of your body. I got it a couple of times, and now get it when getting back into shape after pregnancy.

Its a good thing, its breaks down the fatty deposits and aids toning. its just super itchy!
keep it up!laur


I think that you may have an exercise allergy??
Just kidding. Sounds like what Michele George said. Try taking an antihistamine before exercising and see what happens..xx


I say if you have an allergy, you should avoid the cause at all costs ;)


Do you wear lotion? I find that certain creams + sweat make for itch.
School went great - both first days for each kid. Looking to be a brilliant year!


Great first day! No children with tears- happy to be with me- YAY! excited and ready to learn! This is why I LOVE teaching!

Leigh from 123 blog

How strange! I thought I was the only one as NOBODY ever knows what I'm talking about.

Whenever I stop exercising for a bit and then start up again i get it everywhere - thighs and bum and tops of arms. It's terrible - on Monday I felt like ripping off my pants and scratching my legs to pieces. Ugh.

I didn't think to try antihistamines... usually I just endure for a few weeks and then mentally promise myself to not skip gym EVER again and of course, I forget...

Jeanne @ Cooksister!

My first day? LOL - I SCREAMED on every first day of term for the first 3 years of school! My poor mother... The Irish nuns at the Catholic school where I went were lovely and I enjoyed school, but I went hysterical on the first day of term every time and begged my mom not to leave. My poor mom!! I only stopped when I went into my 4th year of school and went to a bigger school where I felt too embarrassed to weep!!

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