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15 January 2010



As my ped says "You all are just a headache family!" My grandpa, mom, aunt, myself and now my dd gets them. I know with both my dd and myself it started around 7-8. And, is probably hormonal. My seemed to disappear when I started on the pill. If my dd will take and Advil as soon as she feels it, she can ward off the nasty effects of vomiting.

Good luck!


Hi, I'm also over from Tertia's blog. My headaches as a child turned out to be a combination of allergies/sinus, minor eyesight and major teeth/jaw problems. The jaw problems were only "accidentally" discovered when I was 14. I was sent to the orthodontist for a different reason and he immediately said I needed major jaw correction. I was also grinding my teeth at night which resulted in a stiff neck and jaw in the mornings or a "stressed" feeling when waking up.


Does she grind her teeth or clamp down on them? That can cause headaches too. I really hope you find a fix quickly.

About the t u m o u r thing (don't say the word! ;-) ). Our son was diagnosed with a very rare cancer a year ago. He was 3 and a half at the time. You will never believe how much better children cope than adults. It is amazing. Have a look at his blog if you want!


Oh - the blog address is


(I'm here via Tertia's blog.)

I suffered from headaches as a child. Part of it was my terrible vision, so getting her eyes checked is a good move. Part of it was also sensitivity to light. It's summer in your part of the world, so you might try getting her a nice shady sun hat and seeing if that helps. I remember getting headaches after a day in the sun, and sometimes they even did get worse at night, enough to disturb my sleep. Too much bright light may not be your daughter's problem, but it is among the cheapest and easiest things to try to rule out.


Have they checked her Thyroid? I have a cousin that gets the bad headaches you are speaking of since she was a child and ended up having to get her thyroid out.

The only other thing I would suggest is maybe cut out all artifical flavoring kind of thing and go with all natural food for a bit to see if it helps.

Sorry I'm not an expert just concerned for a fellow Christian and mom. I will keep her in my prayers... and you as well.

Diane Dawson

For me, eyes and teeth grinding at age 7. And then in my teens, low blood sugar. Extra protein helped. A lot.


One thing that occurs to me if she wakes up with headaches is - perhaps she grits her teeth when she sleeps?

I'll offer my experience, but I was hesitant because it's not exactly successful. I was a "nervous" child who suffered frequent headaches. And (sorry to say) I still do. I have migraines as well as headaches caused by allergies and stress (tension) headaches. Both the stress and allergy headaches were diagnosed by my doctor with the help of my mother. When I still had headaches we tried everything - chiro, massages, acupuncture, etc. No one even considered the possibility of migraine headaches until I started to read about them myself when I was in college.
I think what made the biggest difference to me was diet, and also learning to deal with stress as well as understanding my triggers. However, I still get headaches daily, and more often than not I am surprised to realize that I DON'T have a headache. My mom says she is amazed at my pain tolerance.
I am also a "highly sensitive person," something I didn't realize until I was 25 and a therapist explained that my extreme sensitivity to noise and commotion had a name. When I was a kid in the 80s they just called me "nervous" or "anxious" and that I needed to modify my "behavior" and learn to relax. Now I know it's personality type that often contributes to my headaches.
What I would suggest is reading about all the different kinds of headaches (there are many) and helping your daughter identify the type of pain she is dealing with. Also, if she is an anxious or "sensitive" child, look into relaxation techniques and ways you can help her avoid stimuli that might cause her headaches. And finally, diet! Even if she's not allergic, there might be foods that trigger her headaches. Good luck! I hope there's an easy fix and she can move on with her young life.

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