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14 July 2011



oh Mel, wow so happy for you and the fam. We have 5 more day's until we are back home with our kids, I miss them so much and just wish they were with me!!! I think when I am back I will appreciate our "suburbia" a little more than I do. Sydney is great, but Cape Town is greater : ) So glad you got to see your brother and hey is it just me or is it true.. as you mentioned.. you are finding some great bargains.. Chris and I have bought so many clothes.. so many sales, such nice stuff.. so much better than back home.. I now have a plan.. never buy clothes back home, save up and buy overseas.. it might cost a ticket, but it means we get to buy cheaper clothes and see a new country at the cost of what we would normally pay - double win xxx

Mrs C

You sound like you're having a ball! What an amazing adventure for the children. I'd love to be a fly on the wall when they do "Show and Tell". Great pic's too. Love the girls hats!

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