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08 September 2011



Deal Mel,

Please dont call yourself Sad Sack, coz you are fearfully and wonderfully made. You know this too shall pass. Lots of hugs.


Massage? It won't cure your life, but at least an hour of your existence will be less tense. Might help with the jaw too.


It sounds like this may not be the right medication for you...


I've had episodes of mild depression for a couple of years and more serious bouts of anxiety this year. I would definitely recommend therapy- it takes a long time, and sometimes it feels like you're getting worse rather than better, but it really helps you to understand what your brain is doing, and challenge your own ways of thinking. Be kind to yourself, and remember this too shall pass. Squeezes x


Okay, you need to get another medicine, maybe another doctor. Tradazone is no longer used as an anti-depressant because PEOPLE GO TO SLEEP ON IT. It is used off-label as a sleeping pill. You will not ever get adjusted to it, very, very few people do, and it is not safe for you to drive or operate machinery while taking it. there are a dozen other anti-depressants that could be helpful. Please, please, please don't wait around in the hopes this will work - go get something that will relieve the underlying sadness without making you sleep.


Hi Mel.. I'm thinking of you all the time! And I second what Ali said. Get to that therapist and work through this. I went for months after a very dark time in my life and can vouch for the difference it made. And while it does at times seem as if it's "not helping", trust me, long term it does! Just talking through everything and not feeling like you're being silly or self absorbed (like we sometimes feel when talking to our friends or family) makes a huge difference. Let alone everything you learn about yourself and how much stronger you'll feel at the end of it. Hang in there. xx lots of love

Melanie Novitzkas

Thanks lots. Totally off the ADs. I know I need therapy more than anything really. A bit of a scaredy cat though! X
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Hi Mel. I so often think of you and "pop in" to check on you online. My thought are with you and may you find x

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