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04 December 2011



I am so, so sorry for your loss. What a tragedy. I actually have no words.

RE: Unisa - their online registration is rubbish. If you eventually do get it right then it takes two weeks to register on their side which in turn causes delays with receiving your study material. My advice? Go to Unisa and register there. There are loads of computers AND people to help you and it's so quick. Try to do it this month still because if you go in January you will get the queues and the crowds. Good luck. Am also going to be registering soon.

Karla B.

Losing a loved one is never easy, no matter the time or manner. Praying that God's love will cover the wounds like a soothing and fragrant balm.


How hard. May the people you need and love help support you all during this time.


Mel - I know this feeling all too well. We lost 3 of our closest friends in a car accident in Decemer 1999. The grieving process is a long and difficult one. Only God can guide you through it. XXX


So sorry for your loss Mel. Celebrate his life though because it certainly sounds as though he lived it to the full. Praying for you all!


I am so sorry for your loss, we lost a very good friend in May this year! It rocked us, broke our hearts and we still cry about losing our Dave, a man who loved and lived life. No words make it better, the best thing we did was surround ourselves with people who loved him and knew him like we did. No birthday, dinner party even childrens party will ever be the same, we miss our Dave everyday. Strength for the days, weeks and months ahead. Remember to feel the pain and weep, it'll help the process. Much love x


I am sorry for your loss.

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Also, the information provided doesn't give enough detail like when machinery is going to be parked in front of a resident's driveway


So sorry for your loss,Hubbie read about it through his biker websites.....condolences to all concerned


I'm so sorry, Mel. You will all be in my prayers.

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