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08 March 2012



you might have to share that bonding time with Stu later this month - just saying!


Glad to hear all is well


Hi Mel, old blog follower I am. My triplets go to a Montessori school in Durbanville and each term the school nominates a charity that they collect goods for. We would like to donate baby goods to Bossom Buddies, but I cannot seem to find their details on the internet. Could you please send me their details :

[email protected]

Thank you!


Hi, wondering if you might like to research a suggestion for both yourself and the various ailments you mention here with regard to your kids.
Look up Green Smoothies. If you simply add green smoothies once a day into your diet, you will see a HuGE improvement in your health. It will help Daniel pack in more nutrients without effort. It will calm your digestive system ad cleanse your blood etc. Super-energizing etc.
The big trick is finding a recipe that works for you. But I'll leave the research to you if you're at all keen. But please just find a gap to do some research on it.

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